This September, I will set out to achieve several world firsts!

Using just my own human power I will make my way from Lake Bala in Wales to the top of the iconic Ben Nevis in Scotland.

In true ‘Andrea’ fashion, I won’t be taking the easy route. Instead I will be swimming the longest lake in each of the 3 countries that I pass through, navigating my way on bike to the foot of the highest peak in each respective country and just to finish it off I will run up to the top to make sure I get a view of where I have just come from!

Yes, you read correctly

3 Lakes, 3 Peaks, 800km of Cycling, 4 Records

… once again in just 5 days! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier.

Up for a challenge and feel like you could do it?

This year I want to encourage as many people to join my journey as possible. I will be launching a global challenge and asking you to complete the same distances as me. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do the whole lot in one go! You will have the entire month of August.

Panic not, there is an option for all – remember I want you to create and share your own epic!

Swimming Cycling Running
Short 6 km 100 km * 11 km. 1 km vert
Medium 18 km 250 km *  16 km. 1 km vert
Long 41 km 450 km * 15 km. 1 km vert
Extreme 65 km 800 km 44 km. 3 km vert

* cycle distances are approximate effort as there are several legs between stages individual country legs.

To put this into some perspective…

The Swim alone is:
  • Almost double the 33.8 km of the English channel!
  • 1 km = 20 x olympic size swimming pools.
  • 66 km = 1,320 x olympic size (50 m) swimming pools.
The Ride alone is:
  • Equivalent to 20 Olympic Distance Triathlon Bike Legs
  • Equivalent to 4.5 Ironman Triathlon Bike Legs
The Run alone is:
  • Equivalent to running the London marathon but climbing over 1000 flights of stairs on the way!
All 3 together make:

Record attempts

  • 1st triathlon record, Swim lake Bala, cycle to and run Snowdon.
  • 2nd triathlon record, Swim lake Windermere, cycle to and run Scafell.
  • 3rd triathlon record, Swim Loch Awe, cycle to and run Ben Nevis.
  • 4th record, Swim and run the longest lake and highest peak in Wales, England and Scotland in 5 days, cycling in between.

A word on the distances of the challenge as there are multiple challenges like the 3 peaks that have differing distances. As there is a large distance in between to cover we will attempt to approximate the distances. This will all be detailed shortly.