Better late than never: The 2019 Challenge!

On Monday, 9th September 2019, I set out to achieve what most people thought to be impossible, swim 34km across the English Channel, cycle 900km across France to the foot of Mt Blanc and then climb to the top of  the tallest Mountain Peak in Western Europe – all in just 5 days. If I’m honest, it still sounds completely crazy, even to me – but I thrive on crazy! [...]

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Finding my inner Nemo – don’t judge a book by its cover.

November 2018, I arrive at my first open water swimming camp.  I am exceptionally nervous, I have absolutely no idea what to expect – I am a swimmer yes, but I have never swum more than 5km in the open water, this is a whole different ball game.  I had so many concerns going through my mind.  Have I brought the right stuff? The plan says we are going to swim for [...]

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It’s all about the fun!

850km bike, 25km swim, 2 runs, 2 gym sessions, 35 hours work, one full office day (yes, I do have a day job), video shoot, shopping afternoon, 2 breakfasts with friends, 5 social dinners, 2 blogs written and a 15hour flight to Amsterdam.  This my friends is my life in the past 7 days! Has it been a chore? Absolutely not, well except for the 2.5hours I sat in traffic getting [...]

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Watering my own grass

It’s March 16th2018, 9pm at night, I am sat at my desk on a work call, I haven’t had dinner and more frustratingly I have missed yet another swim on my schedule. Whilst the technical team are troubleshooting the work issue, I am scrolling through my Instagram feed, looking at all these people that seem to have it all, dreaming about quitting my job, becoming a motivational speaker and travelling the world. [...]

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The winding road to recovery

Next month will mark one year since the start of my road to recovery and boy has it been interesting! It has been quite a rollercoaster year with lots of ups and downs and many unexpected turns.  The truth is, it has been a whole lot harder than I had expected and at times I have wondered what on earth I have let myself in for. That doesn’t mean I thought [...]

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How will you train, work and still have a life?

After the obvious questions of why and are you mad, this is normally the next question I am asked about my Sea to Summit Challenge.  My default answer is ‘I will just make it happen, when you want something bad enough you can achieve it,’ but the honest answer is I am still working it out!  I am still trying to find a balance between being successful at my job, completing [...]

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