10 operations, continuous pain and fatigue, and more hospital meals than I care to imagine – the 12 years since my initial endometriosis diagnosis have not been fun! When I reflect on it now, I have no idea how I managed to keep going, let alone progress my career and throw a few ironman triathlons and endurance races into the mix.

Fact is I realised quite quickly (mostly through my own research on Mr Google) that this illness was with me to stay; I didn’t cause it, I wouldn’t be able to control it and there was no cure, so I would simply have to learn how the hell to live with it! One thing was for sure, I wasn’t going let it define me or hold me back – those that know me know that I am too darn stubborn to let that happen.

I therefore set about dealing with it in the only way I knew how – pushing my limits.

Through setting myself endurance challenges (which I love), I would create a different type of pain. This pain was fueled by endorphins and make me feel good; I would forget about the pain being caused by my endometriosis and I would associate all other pains to over exercising and not my illness.

Now, this is not a new proclaimed therapy, so please don’t try this at home! I am not superwoman – reality is there were days where I was in so much pain and so tiered that I undoubtedly caused more harm than good!

Who knows maybe if I had rested and not pushed my body, I would not have to have had so many operations. People choose how they deal with things and this was my choice.

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