I don’t normally make new years resolutions, mainly because I don’t stick to them, but this year I am making an exception. This year I am going to make my Sea to Summit dream real, I am going to work my ass off to be in the best physical shape possible and I am going to stop worrying about how people perceive me, posting whatever I want wherever I want.


2017 was a pretty tough year, I was thrown a lot of unexpected challenges, but in true Mason style I have definitely come out on top. I know it sounds like a good old cliché, but I can hand on heart say it has made me a stronger person.

When I launched my website, I had every intention of writing blogs every week. I quickly realised how hard this actually is, I gained a whole new level of respect for bloggers! I found myself sat for hours on end, pondering what to write, writing a sentence then deleting it! Eventually I would give up, stomp away from my laptop muttering something along the lines of ‘why the (insert expletive of your choice) would people be interested in anything I have to write anyway’! ………..Don’t even get me started on instagram, my thoughts on this will no doubt follow in another post.

Well, as I sit here in Fuerteventura overlooking the sea, (sorry for those of you reading this at work ;-)) I have decided that this is going to change. My mission from the outset has never been to become the next international blogger, or to have 10’s of thousands of followers. It is simply to document my own personal journey; sharing the struggles of having so many gynecological problems, raising awareness of what these problems are and ultimately documenting my recovery from hysterectomy to completing (note the positivity) the Sea To Summit Extreme Challenge.  If I can inspire people to believe in themselves along the way then that is definitely an added bonus.

So, day 7 of the New Year and I am pleased to report that my resolutions are still intact. I am in Fuerteventura training my ass off and the evidence is on instagram for the world to see!

For those of you wondering what Karl has been up to whilst I appear to be out for hours on end, he was last sighted at the local golf course. When I was out of action recovering from my hysterectomy, Karl became slightly addicted to golf, there was only so much of me he could take in one day and he needed a break. However, during his ‘man’ time, we realised that a round of golf takes about the same amount of time as my long rides when I am in full time training – and there we have the birth of the best comprise ever, I train, he plays golf. There is only one rule, he has to walk around the course. He is not allowed to hire a buggy at least until he is 70. For anyone in the same situation where your partner is not into triathlon, I would definitely recommend encouraging him or her to play golf.

I can’t recommend Fuerteventura enough for a bit of winter triathlon training. The weather is perfect (although watch out for those gusty headwinds on the bike, one minute you will be flying down the road at 50kph and the next you are cranking the pedals as hard as possible at 10kph) and the facilities are great. I have rented a bike from Fuerteventura Bike Hire, been swimming in the sea and pool (there are two 50m swimming pools on the island) and blazing my own trails in the desert. All in all it is pretty awesome, I have had time to re-set, re-focus and plan for the year ahead!

Six months ago I would not have thought any of this was possible. But a little bit of belief in yourself really goes a long way – just look at all those chocolate muffins out there, they were once just chocolate cupcakes that believed in miracles.